Annotated Secondary Source – Dennis Walaker – Due November 9, 2010

Shaffer, Heidi. “Flood Protection – Leaders Regroup on Flood Funding – Renewing Efforts after Election”. The Forum 7 November 2010: A1. Print.

The article discusses local leaders’ reaction to the defeat of local Democratic congressmen and how this might affect federal funding for the proposed Fargo- Moorhead diversion.

Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker endorsed Earl Pomeroy. The Mayor met with Rick Berg, Republican, right-away the morning after the election.

“(Berg’s) got a tremendous amount of investment in this community. I told him I would support him,” Mayor Walaker stated after the meeting. “The last thing that I wanted to do was make this floor thing partisan in any way,” he said. “I want to work together”.

The article stated that only time would tell us what the future for the diversion project would be with the defeat of Pomeroy and Oberstar.

-Jay Krabbenhoft

Annotated Bibliography: Fargo mayor: In the eye of the stormThis is an annotated bibliography for the research I will be completing on the Fargo, ND mayor Dennis Walaker and his related success against the mighty Red River in 2009.
Meryhew, Richard; “Fargo mayor: In the eye of the storm”; The Star Tribune; 29 March 2009; 7 November 2010;
This site provides information on the Mayor of Fargo and the flood fighting efforts that he put in place to get this city through the worst flood in this area in a long time. This article was written on Day 9 of the cities fight with the Red River; the river crested the day before at 40.82 feet and had slightly dropped over night. According to this article Mayor Dennis Walaker has had a rough 9 days trying to keep up with all of the media interviews, keeping the flood fighting efforts on track and trying to keep the spirits of the local people up so they can make it through this fight. Mayor Walaker is not one to be afraid of getting his hands dirty; he had a major leading role in the flood fighting efforts in 1997 that kept this city safe. The author of this article spent a day with the Mayor and recorded his busy schedule to try and keep on top of this flood. The Mayors day ended with a call from President Obama himself to make sure that the Fargo area had everything it needed.

Annotated Bibliography: Mayor of Fargo
This annotated bibliography will be used to show some of the research that was done to look into the history of mayor Dennis Walaker's career.
Mayor of Fargo. City of Fargo.
This article tells the history of Dennis Walaker’s career in Fargo. His educational background was also mention. Walaker graduated from Leonard High School in Cass Country and then went to North Dakota State University. He started his career with North Dakota Department of Transportation in 1962. He then was hired as a civil engineer in 1974, where his job was to supervise public works projects. His last job before getting elected as major was City’s Publics Works Operations Manager which was in 1989. In 2006 he was then elected as mayor of Fargo and was re-elected in 2010.