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Group Contract

#1 We will work as a team. Each member will assist each other in completing the project on time.

#2 Communication is vital. Emails should be replied to promptly (within 12 hours), each email should be carbon-copied to all members of the group. We will communicate with each fellow group members about any concerns that we have about our group work.

#3 Classroom time is important. If necessary we will stay after class on Tuesday nights in order to complete our assignments on time.

#4 Honesty. Each of us has an equal share of the project process. Each of us will communicate in an honest and open manner with each other. Each will do their share of the group work, there will never be an occasion where one group member does all of the work nor will there be a time when a group member does none of the work.

#5 Compromise. Everyone has an opinion and there is a kernel of truth to every opinion. We will treat individual opinions with respect and thoroughly discuss every idea. We will agree to compromise to the majority.

#6 Attendance. We agree to come to class on a regular basis. In the result that a group member is unable to attend class, they will make it their personal responsibility to get any and all notes from my group. If they are sick and unable to make it to class on the date a group assignment is due, they will call their group members to make other arrangements to get the work turned in on time.

#7 Firing policy. Every group member is expected to be prepared to work as a team. If one group member refuses to adhere to this contract they will be given two verbal reprimands and on the third time they will be asked to leave the group.

Our goal is to learn how to work effectively in a group setting, to show respect for each one of our individual talents, to learn new programs like Prezi, Gliffy, Glogster, and NNDB Mapper to create a web site. We will learn to judge and evaluate material and sources. Our goal is to learn and work with each efficiently and mannerly. To procure a good grade we will review our work using the grading matrix and guidelines provided by our instructor, Mr. Lindgren. The incentive to work together is a good grade, an "A", but the true goal is to learn and be able to apply what we have learned in our future endeavors.

We certify that we have thoroughly read this contract and that we will abide by it. We are signing this contract at our own free ill, and have initialed each of the above statements because we agree them, and are willing to adhere to each clause. We understand that breach of contract will result in verbal reprimand on the first two instances, followed by immediate dismissal on the third instance. This contract is subject to be amended pending a unanimous vote within the group.